Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Things and such

1. The new computer is very nice - still fast and easy to use. Except - apparently, there is no longer a printer port or a dedicated connection for the keyboard. Instead, we have USB connections. Now, I have an adapter for my trackball, and the new box came with a keyboard (we *were* hoping to keep the older keyboard until Pesach but okay), and the monitor and speakers still have places to go, but the printer - there's a different story. We've been thinking about getting a new one for a while - it's outlived two computers so far - but the ink cartridges are still available and it's been working fine. Now we *have* to buy a new one. jonbaker is looking around. We're concerned about quality, price and footprint. And we are considering a three-in-one. A copier would be convenient.

2. Just typed a letter for my boss. Cheatham is such a great name for a lawyer...

3. Last week, mabfan lost his mother. The funeral was yesterday. He and gnomi were surprised at how many people showed up. We were not.

4. There was snow last night in NYC. This meant I had to scrape off the snow and ice from the car I'd rented so I could return it. I was pushed semi-effectually at the stuff with my gloved hands because rental cars do NOT have scrapers, and I happened to say this to a neighbor.

He gave me a scraper. "Here. Present for you!" in a thick accent. Human genorosity is a marvelous thing.

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