Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Last Night's Television - spoilers


It's funny. I'd been spoiled for the Hiro's dad thing, but still, when the guy turned out to be A. Hiro's dad and 2. Captain Sulu - wow. I guess I'd forgotten.

Niki is getting to be interesting. Micah needs a real dad. And I'm loving the Claude subplot. And, yeah, Claire's brother is getting absent minded. Getting memory charmed too often will do that.

My goodness, I love this show.

Studio 60

This show - not so much. It's not just the whole stalking thing, or the clumsy attempts at thiings (such as addressing racism) that were done so much better during Sports Night, much less West Wing, although those are truly bad. It's not even the awkward, chemistryless romances.

It's that things just plain don't make sense. It started with the whole B6 thing - not only is that NOT dangerous for pregnant women, some are even prescribed it. But the last two episodes - my goodness.

1. Harriet is an evangelical Christian. That's part of her whole character. Why would a CATHOLIC group be honoring her? They barely consider each other part of related religions. (Unless such groups routinely honor people of different religions? It's entirely possible, I guess, but I don't know. Especially since her non-stance on homosexuality would be as problematic for the Catholics as it as for the Christian women's group.)

2. She was sponsoring in her auction (and how tacky was that?) an abstinence-only sex education charity. Yet, she's publically stated that she herself is *not* abstinent, which reads as very hypocritical. More than that - it also says that she uses birth control.

3. Matt was uncomfortable donating to that charity - I don't blame him. But I can think of two different ways of countering it that wouldn't involve donating to *another* group that clearly made him uncomfortable. First of all, Planned Parenthood is an excellent organization that provides for real sex education and pregnancy protection, and they could certainly use that money. And they're not associated with a religious group, so it would also counter *that* aspect. Or he could donate to a non-Christian religious organization - Jewish, Buddhist, even Unitarian. But no, they had to go for the dumb joke.

4. In light of all of this, does it really make sense that Harriet (or the Catholic organization - it wasn't clear) chose Jordan - an unmarried pregnant woman - to introduce her? Or even to be her safety dinner partner?

5. Danny and Jordan were on the roof of a three story building in Hollywood. How is it possible they had no cellphone service there? If the cells work inside the building, and we know they do, they *have* to work on top of it. It's not like they were thirty stories up.

If I'm mistaken about these problems (especially the first one), please tell me.

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