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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Finished Objects

Three finished projects plus works in progress on my knitblog.


That sweater is GORGEOUS. A perfect colour for you.

Thank you. I adore purple.

Very pretty
I like the colours. The sweater looks good on you.

Thank you! It's comfortable, too.

Wow, really nice work! I keep saying I'm going to try socks one of these days ... also, details on the bind-off? I have trouble keeping mine loose enough, even if I go up a needle-size or two.

My own First Sweater is a cardigan that came out too big, but it's still warm and fuzzy so I wear it. I'm making it again, in black this time and a size smaller. I also finally got the bright idea of using stich markers so I could keep track of the pattern as I go. It's easy to get lost with this yarn - hard to tell knit from purl with all the bumps.

Socks are fun.

The bind-off:

Normal knitted bind-off is knit the first stitch. Knit the second stitch. Two stitches on the right hand needle. Pass the first stitch over the second. You'll have one stitch on the right hand needle. Knit the next stitch. Two stitches...

This bind-off is knit the first stitch. Knit the second stitch. Two stitches on right hand needle. Slip the two stitches back to the left hand needle and knit them together.

I will surely have to try that - thanks!

Also, and this me being a fiber snob - there are *much* nicer yarns out there for reasonable prices. Try, for example, http://www.knitpicks.com.

You're going to laugh at me...

I spent half an hour this morning thinking about your mittens. I wonder if it would be possible to knit the lining from the fingertips (and thumbtip) down to the wrist, purl for one row to make a fold point, knit two rows in k1p1, then start on your main wool and knit up to the fingertips. You'd have a couple of rows of lining showing through at the bottom (which if you chose a complementary colour would look nice), but the mitts wouldn't feel scratchy at the wrist and - best of all - there would be very little casting on and off.

Re: You're going to laugh at me...

Laugh at you? That makes perfect sense - except for the extra rows past the fold point, it's exactly what I did in reverse - I knit the main yarn from the tip down and the liners from the wrist up.

Re: You're going to laugh at me...

Oh, okay. I didn't know that. It worked well? Did you have any problems with the liners being too large for the main mitts?

Re: You're going to laugh at me...

The first liner was somewhat too big, but it fit well enough - I can feel the folds, but it's not bothersome. The second liner was an inch narrower so it fits much better.

Next time I make mittens, though - thumb gussets!