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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Question for any Catholics

In Mary Gentle's Ash, which is a rewritiing of European history, they talk about a "Green Christ".

I believe this is something she made up for this novel (like the 15th Golem style androids - the golem story, which was created in the 19th C, was set in the 17th C), but my husband needs to know for sure.

Also...does "briar cross" mean anything to anyone?

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Isn't a briar cross this kind of cross that also the Templars used as symbol? The kind of cross with curved sides, where the bars are wider at the ends than in the middle. At least I've seen in German this kind of cross called "Dornenkreuz" and since "briar" is "Dornstrauch" in German I'd assume it to be that type of cross.

The only Green Christ I know is a painting by Paul Gaugin.

As far as I know, a briar cross is a just a cross displayed on a bed of thorns, sometimes with roses.