Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Knitting heresy

I had two skeins of wool leftover from my sweater. I also had NINE skeins of (almost) the EXACT SAME yarn because I thought the original order had gotten lost and reordered and then the original order showed up. Almost because the dye lot was different.

Today, I packed them up and sent them back home.

In the world of knitters, this is seems to be heretical - everyone is supposed to have a huge stash of yarn - a collection for a rainy day or because they just love yarn or so that they know they'll always have something to knit even if one day there's a worldwide mass wool-bearing animal extinction. Or something.

I'm actually not making fun - I think that ifI had the room, I might well be building my own such stash. But I don't, and my urge to collect is satisfied with books. And, apparently, knitting needles.

But there was no point in having this yarn around. It just took up space and why should I hoard it when someone else could use it better? Oh, I suppose I could have sold it on eBay or swapped it on knitswap or something. Or even here.

I asked for refund or credit. In either case, the money is going for yarn for a baby blanket and then either sock yarn, laceweight or a book. We will see.

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