Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Birds of Prey

Even if it's not very spoilery. All through this episode, Helena kept calling herself "half-metahuman." In the DC universe, at least the one I know, a "metahuman" is a human with the metagene. That's it - they can even test for it. If Helena has the metagene, she's a metahuman.

In this universe, it's even simpler - if a human evidences superpowers of one sort or another, they're a metahuman. If not, not. Most metahumans probably have fully human parents. If Helena has some sort of vague powers given her by her mother's metaness (and since when is Catwoman a metahuman?), she's a metahuman. Given that she hates her father, why should she even care about her "human" side?

And, I'm sorry. I find it really hard to believe in a DCU or a take off of a DCU without a Flash, say. That is without other members of the spandex and mask crowd doing their things both good and bad.

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