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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Thoughts on Last Nights Heroes

1. I did NOT expect Simone to be the one who died. My money was on Mrs. Bennet, or possibly Isaac.

2. Peter using teke? MINDBLOWING. He used a power he absorbed from *Sylar* - one that Sylar must have stolen, because his original power is that of stealing powers. Which means he's absorbed *all* the powers to that date that Sylar himself had stolen *plus* his ability to steal powers. Ironically, given Peter's power, Sylar's is useless to him. Why kill someone when all you need to do is touch them? Once? And he can use the powers in combination.

Peter is scaring me.

3. It's funny that Mohinder is probably safest where he is. Sylar needs him, and since he's unpowered, has no reason right now to kill him. This will change, but right now - yeah, safe.

And I removed the awful stray apostrophe that snuck onto the subject. I have no idea how it got there.


Sure, the first person we know that Sylar's killed was a teke.

I hadn't consider that he has Sylar's ability to eat brains, too.

Ah, I forgot that.

It only makes sense - if he got the teke, he had to have gotten everything else.

I completely expected Mrs Bennet to be the one because she's halfway there anyway, or so it seems.

Peter using TK was MADE of awesome. But yes, he's scary, a little.

She is, isn't she?

Too much obliviate can do that.

Actually, my first thought when the doctor said subdural hematoma was that she got it when Sylar smacked her into the cabinet thingy. They can take days or even weeks to get bad enough to cause problems.

Then again, I kind of like the idea of Claire blaming her father, but it not being his fault.

I was about 85% sure it /wouldn't/ be Mrs. Bennett, just because they were playing it up so much. Last week's preview was all "omg someone's going to die!!!!111eleventeen" with the shots of her on the kitchen floor, with HRG spazzing at Claire about how he was just trying to keep his family safe, etc., and it was all too blatantly obvious to be that.

The Mohinder+Sylar road trip is amusing the heck out of me, though. Hee.

Yeah, well. I seem to be owned by the promo people. :)

How can Mohinder be that naïve?

He's supposed to be more than just very, very pretty.

the Mohinder+Sylar road trip is making me cringe every second :-P

As soon as Bennet gave Isaac the gun, and Simone came in and blabbed about giving back the key, I turned to N and said, "Isaac is going to shoot Simone." And I wasn't even thinking of the "someone is going to die" that was hanging over the show.

I missed that. We went to dinner and didn't get back until 9:05.

Ironically, given Peter's power, Sylar's is useless to him.

But he is not useless to *Sylar*.

Also, didn't Peter use the TK in the episode where Sylar came to the school after Claire? I thought he used it to deflect the locker doors Sylar was throwing at him telekineticly.