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It's 2PM on Friday afternoon. Shabbat comes in at 4:30.

Am I running around shopping and cooking and getting things ready? No, I am not. This is because I actually was *organized* this week. I did the majority of my shopping on Wednesday. I did the majority of my cooking last night - chicken with rosemary and balsamic vinegar, spinach pasta (and that while also making last night's dinner of "Fisherman's Pie" - a casserole of mashed potatoes, french cut beans and canned tuna. Go me.), and steamed some precut carrots this afternoon. They are all in the fridge. Come 4:30, I'll put them all in a warm but not hot oven, with a bit of margarine for the pasta, and by dinner time, they'll be just the right temperature and not overcooked.

Let's see if I can manage this next week.

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