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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I cried. At the end, on that bridge. I cried.

I hope the Haitian let him keep some of Claire.


I cried too.

I thought at first he was having the Haitian (this guy so needs a name) wiping *all* of Claire, but that doesn't make sense. So, just the last couple of hours, then.

What I think he was wiping? Was Bennett's complicity in Claire's escape.

Also, WAH.

See, that makes the most sense. But my first thought was wiping all of Claire.

Still - sniff

Not all of Claire, certainly. But "anything that could be used to track her"

Me too. And that doesn't happen too often. But oh, Claire. Oh Mr. Bennet. *sob*

Yeah. He's still NOT a good guy, but he's...human.

Can I say how much I love that a show that is essentially a comic book has characters with the most dimension of pretty much anyone?

It certainly made Studio 60 look flat - not that that was difficult.

He's not just not a good guy, he's a bad guy.
He has two stories he tells himself when he has doubts
1) I'm a loyal company man, and doing this for the greater good
2) I'm a loving husband and father.

His 'tragedy' is that those two stories were put into direct conflict. He is somewhat redeemed by the fact that he made the right choice about which story to keep believing in. A lot will depend on what further decisions he makes.

This is actually a trope I've seen before - consider it the 'Hitler was kind to dogs' trope. Other fictional examples include Raven in Glen Cook's Black Company series and even the Hitler analog in Turtledove's How Few Remain series. This is pretty far down the road to evil IMO. Further back along the road one group (such as the Heroes) is considered 'not human' and thus may be mistreated, but all people in the in groups are treated in a civilized fashion. I don't think this is true for Mr. Bennett anymore - he'll kill or mistreat a human as readily as a hero in pursuit of his goals.

There is some evidence he was backing off even before Claire - in particular his comment to Ted that Bennett chose not to take him in.
The implications of that will depend on what exactly Bennett's mission is - can he leave a Hero out there and still be fulfilling his purposes?

One scary point is that it is quite possible after the Haitian got through with him that he believes he made the other choice. If everything that would eventually lead them to Claire was erased, I suspect a goodly amount of the memories of deciding to save Claire had to go. So maybe even he believes the cover story now, which may backfire if he comes across Claire in the future.

Me too.



I love this series.