Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Turkey Fajitas/fajita casserole

Last night, I acceded to my husband's request of several weeks and made fajitas. I make no pretense of authenticity, but these do taste good.
Turkey Fajitas

1lb turkey cutlets (thinly sliced turkey breast)
1 large red pepper
1 large white onion
1 long "hot" green pepper

Chile powder
Dried hot chili
Chipotle seasoning mix
Vegetable oil

Flour wraps
Brown basmati rice
Hot salsa
Soy sour cream
Cilantro (optional)

Cut the red pepper and the onion into strips, and the hot pepper into thin rings. Saut&eacut; in oil until soft. Sprinkle with about a teaspoon (or more) each of the seasoning mixes, and add the dried chili. Also, if you want, add some hot pepper flakes. Basically - add as much heat as you want.

When the vegetables are soft,add the turkey meat and let cook until the turkey is done. Taste and add more seasonings if desired.

To serve, put a wrap on a plate. Layer 1/3 cup of rice (in a long strip), cover with the turkey mixture, then add salsa, soy sour cream and cilantro if using. Serve like that. Wrap everything up to eat.

You can use beef or chicken instead of turkey, or reheat leftover meat with the vegetables. You can use mild or medium salsa and adjust the seasonings. You can add hot sauce or take out the hot peppers. You can use refried beans and omit the meat entirely, and use real sour cream, and possibly cheese.


We had leftovers so I made two different minicasseroles in Ziploc containers. I only had enough rice left for one serving. For that one, I layered rice, fajita mix, salsa and cilantro. For the other, I cut up a wrap into strips and used them as the bottom layer. I also put some fake sour cream into two zippered sandwich bags. I took the one with the cut up tortilla to work with me, and microwaved it, squeezing the fake sour cream over the food when it was hot. It was very yummy - the juices soaked into the tortilla strips.

And it still feels very weird to put this stuff that *looks* and almost tastes like real sour cream on meat.
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