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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Happy Purim!

Happy Purim to those who celebrate, and happy Sunday to the rest of you.

As has become my tradition, here is my Purim Torah.

I'd also like to direct you to an important drasha (speech) by the Shluffener Rebbe, as transcribed by jonbaker.

The Purim Torah link doesn't seem to work

www.nightroadsassociates.com is not found.

Re: The Purim Torah link doesn't seem to work

Thank you.

It's fixed.

Happy Purim!


And are you making/have you made hamentaschen, or bought some?

Strangely, I seem to remember cabbage (and everything else) with poppy seeds, if that makes sense. Or maybe I'm imagining things.

Re: Happy Purim!

Aheurserus/Haman. Xerxes is, I believe, someone else.

I don't bake. I buy.

I can't see why cabbage with poppyseeds might not be a family custom.

Re: Happy Purim!

Aheurserus is the Greek, אחשורש the Hebrew, and Xerxes the Persian, at least according to Olmstead's History of the Persian Empire.

How they got Aheurserus from Xerxes is unclear to me, but apparently the dates, and Hamen, add up.

The cabbage and poppyseeds is really good, but I think poppyseeds were in *everything*. I prefer charnushka myself.

Re: Happy Purim!

Other way round.

Achashveros came way before the Greeks, so it's how they got Xerxes from *that*.

is it redundant to mention that according to some scholars, the mode of execution referred to by the Megilla as לתלות על עץ (literally 'to suspend on a tree/wood') could refer to not necessarily hanging from a gallows, but could actually be crucifiction... or impalement?


You two are both delightfully deranged, and a joy in my world. I just have to say that.


And we thank you for it.

(Jonathan is currently wearing a black t-shirt with the phrase "Geek Orthodox", and I'm wearing a black hooded sweatshirt emblazoned with "Got Cholent?" Just to make things clear.)



i have one of those Geek Orthodox t-shirts too.... except unfortunately the sleeves on mine are disproportionately short. does Jonathan's fit right?