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American Idol

*Sigh* At least Chris Sligh is good, because, you know. It's nice to see a cuddly guy make it. (Sligh and Sundance - well, it turns out I have a type. And it's not androgynous pretty boys. Whoda thunk? *Looks at husband*. Okay, fine. Not a big secret.)

Blake is awesome. I kinda like Phil, although - bald is not a good look for him. Seriously - he looks like an elf. Or an alien, but then. Big eyes. Funny ears. Round heads. Elves - aliens - no difference.

Sanjaya? Has got to go.

And they asked the hosts an interesting question at the end that I'll get into later.

Wow. Just. wow.

Shallowly - most of them looked gorgeous. Seriously. Simon was right - LaKisha (who sang wonderfully) looked beautiful, and proved that big women not only do not have to wear tents, but really shouldn't. A well-tailored and shaped satin dress with perfect jewelery? She looked like a queen. It wasn't that she was too fat to wear the denim mini-skirt and sweater last week - she wasn't - it's that it was the wrong look for the type of singer she was. Same goes for Gina. Oh, she looked lovely in the red dress but she's not that sort of singer. When she dressed and sang like herself, as she so much did last night - yes. Very yes.

Heck, even Antonella, who belongs there as little as Sanjaya, looked and sang better this week. She chose a song that fit and a cute little dress that didn't look like upholstery and it made a difference. Still not good, but better.

But you know who else doesn't belong on Idol? Melinda. I'm serious. She's *too* good. She clearly needs to be on the show, because if she hadn't, she'd be still be wasting her talent singing background (not that background singers are talentless, by any means. It's that she's so clearly a lead singer that having her in the background is wrong.) But not even LaKisha or Stephanie or Gina can really compete. (And the boys? Hah!) My goodness, even previous winners are kinda out of their league.

And, yes, I can't get over that she can sing *that* song while struting all over the stage and owning it, and as soon as the music stops - she's sweet and shy and I don't think it's an act.

All week, Ryan has been hinting about something major going on at "Idol". I don't think they're just going to crown Melinda winner and end it (which they might as well do). I think it has to do with the question Ryan asked the judges at the end of the boys' show - "How many of these guys do you think deserve to be in the top 12?" And. Randy said "Four", and Paula said "Four" and Simon said, "3 and a half."

What if. What if that's what they did? What if they only kept the top four boys and all the women? Or just kept the top twelve vote getters and let the bottom four go? Haley and Antonella would still be gone in a couple of weeks anyway, and I'd miss Brandon, but. What if?

Well, I was wrong. And America? Are idiots.

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