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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

It happens that tomorrow is our16th wedding anniversary by the civil calendar. As it's on a Shabbat this year and I'm sick, we're not doing anything about it - we'll go out to dinner next week on our Hebrew anniversary. (Cof-daled Adar, which is Tuesday night, but he has shiur, so we're going out on Wednesday.)

But right now, a dozen multicolored roses are sitting on my dining room table, sent to us by one of our co-honorees at the dinner. I'm amazed and happy and surprised.

Current Mood: surprised

Aww, how sweet of him/her to do that.

And congratulations to the two of you.

Oh, that's nice!

and congrats!

Very nice. I hope you feel better soon.




Happy Anniversary! Our 15th is next Saturday.

Firstly, I do hope the dinner last night went well, and that you had a lovely time with your husband.

Secondly, I was wondering whether you'd be willing to help me on my Judaism paper. I'm writing it on Modern Orthodox attitudes on the mitzvot, and I was hoping that you'd be willing to let me interview you, to whatever extent you felt comfortable answering questions on the topic. I thought you might be able to provide me with a different perspective on the topic than I'd gain from some of the more scholarly texts that I've been using in my research.

We decided to wait on the dinner out thing because we'd been eating so much take-out and we're going away this weekend. Instead, I made Jonathan one of his favorite meals and we'll go out the week before Passover, when everyone eats out anyway.

And - about the Judaism paper - seriously - I thought you'd never ask. I'd be thrilled to answer any questions you might have. Please consider me a resource.

Great! I'm working on a list of questions, hopefully I'll get them finalized on Friday and I'll email them to you, if you like. Then if you could get them back to me by next Wednesday, that would be very helpful.

And thank you so much.

I'm going away for the weekend, which means I probably won't be able to get to them until Sunday night. Will that be a problem?

I don't think it should be. My paper is due in early April, and I've got other research I planned on working on this weekend for it, so as long as I get your thoughts by next Friday at the latest, I'll still have plenty of time to read through them and integrate them into the paper well.

And actually, while we've been discussing this, I've been reviewing the questions I'd already come up with and adding the last ones in, so if you want, I can e-mail them to you tonight. You still might not have time to answer them with your weekend plans, but at least you'll have them.