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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Better now

Thanks for all the good wishes and advice.

I took today off, but I'm much better now. I spent Friday and Saturday with a very drippy nose and a fever that neither Advil nor aspirin could help for very long - and because I have blood pressure issues now, I can't take decongestants or Sudafed. So I used up a lot of lotion tissues. By Sunday, my nose had calmed down to the point that I could knit - meaning I didn't have to have a tissue clutched to my nose every possible second, and by Sunday night, the fever broke. Maybe the Yeminite soup (spicy beef soup) I had for lunch or the garlicky eggplant parmagiano I had for dinner helped. Wouldn't surprise me. I was starving for dinner, which was new. I'd been able to eat but I wasn't feeling hungry until then.

Temp is down now, and I can breathe (breathing is a wonderful thing), but I want to take one day to just recover before I go back to work tomorrow.


*hugs* I'm glad you're better now.

I find that hot spicy food with lots of peppers and garlic is really good at speeding up a fever and getting it to break early.

I usually make a big batch of "Grace's Magic Get Well Chili" and eat it until I feel better. Because I season it while I'm sick, it has to have lots of extra spices in it in order for me to even taste it.

Once I'm healthy again, I taste it and go "HOLY COW that's hot! How did I manage to eat that?"