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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So, after the convention, we really wanted meat that wasn't chicken. There's a place in our neighborhood that's been around quite a while - years, in fact, but which we've never tried. Friends of ours have, and recommended it, so we went.

It's called Burgers Bar, it's on Coney Island Ave, and, oh, my goodness.

As the name implies, it's burgers - both beef and lamb. It's also salads (the type with meat on top) and buffalo wings and chicken fingers. In other words, it's bar food. They also have a nice sized selection of sauces (garlic mayo, hot chili, sweet chili, tehina, chimichurra, ketchup, and pesto. And they define the chimichurra and the pesto.) The burgers were fresh and made to order, so not only was mine well-done, Jonathan's was medium. I had the garlic mayo, he had the chimichurra (which turned out to be fresh garlic, onion, parsley and red pepper. He loved it.) And they built them to order, too - lettuce, tomato, pickles, choice of fried or fresh onion. The only problem was that I was unable to eat more than half, and so I had the other half for lunch. Oh, poor me.

So, I'd recommend the place for the burgers. Not the service so much - it's self-serv, and all the the food beingmade to order, you had to wait and there were numbers and the numbers were called out of order. I was #90, and #91 came out first.

But the best thing were the fries - the cheeps. These were - oh, my goodness. I'm a Nathan's fan - I love thick, crinkle cut potatoes fried *dark* with both ketchup and mustard and...oh, heaven.

These were entirely different. These were hand-cut disks, ranging from 1/8" to, well, potato chips. So they weren't frozen, ever. And they were deep fried to order, and some were crunchy and some were soft, and some were even soggy, but they ony needed some salt and they were delicious. Nathan's and similar are still first, but these? Are second. I could go there just for the fries.


I guess I know where we are going the next time we decide to do a dinner and knitting evening....sounds really good, too!

i was there not that long ago, and was disappointed in the tsheeps. somehow most of them were more like potato chips than french fries... too thin, too crunchy. the 'burgers' (i usually get chicken) i've found (here and in Jerusalem) are always great, though.

Just to clarify: this place has no connection with the Israel chain. They just lifted the name.

There is also a WiFi signal in the back. The hechsher won't let them provide their own signal, but one of the neighbours' signals reaches the back of the restaurant. And in good weather you can sit in the back yard.

My only complaint is the limited and rather boring selection of drinks. I usually buy a Snapple™ at SubSational or at the petrol station across the road, and bring it in.

The hechsher won't let them provide their own signal,
Why would the hechsher people care about wifi signal?

I assume that they're making ill-informed assumptions about the kind of atmosphere one finds at an "internet cafe" and they don't want a place under their hashgacha to turn into one. Or something like that.

Ugh. Yet another way to politicize kashrut.