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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Bragging (and why my underwear drawers are racially segregated)

So, as I said last week, I purchased new undergarments in a smaller size.

I was fairly sure they'd fit, but not, you know. Definite about it.

They do. And I'd been wearing too-large ones so long I forgot what that felt like. I just happily tossed a bunch of superannuated ones that needed tossage, too.

I only have one problem. I bought these online, and the colors offered were either White or Assorted. For various reasons, I need both - white ones to wear during the week pre-mikvah and colored ones the rest of the time.

There's nothing like packing for a four day trip that happens just at changeover (when the period ends and the "white" days begin) - except I *never* know when changeover is until it happens. So I have to pack both colored and white underwear. I've also gone to mikveh during cons - ah, the joys of going to an entirely unknown neighborhood miles from your hotel on a Saturday night - and possily paying your cab driver to wait for an hour, too -, so I need both types there, too. However, given that I have a week's warning, I don't need to pack double.

To keep them straight, I put the colored ones in one drawer (along with my nostepinne) and the whites in another (along with the bras and stockings). Thus, I have Jim Crow underwear drawers. Drawer drawers?

Anyway, the Assorted I got were - well. Pink and purple, whicih are fine, and prints, which are problematic (and not really my taste), and white. I also bought white, not realizing that the Assorted would contain white. Not that having a couple extra pair would hurt, but it's annoying.

On the other hand, they're size 7! And they fit!


Why white pre-mikvah and only then? Is it a tradition thing or a you-thing?

So you can tell if your period is really really really over.

It's a legal thing. If you wear white underwear and you spot and the spot is one of the right colors, you're officially "niddah". If you wear colored underwear and you spot, well, you don't know what the color was because it's on non-white, so you're not niddah. Niddah not being a happy state, since you and your husband can't touch and you have to sleep in separate beds and all, you want to avoid it. Hence, colored undies.

However, if it's the time between the period and the mikveh, it's different. Mikveh is *always* seven days after the period ends. And you test internally with little white cloths to make sure that the period is over (a lot of women get diagnosed way early with problems because they still see blood from internal tests long after they shouldn't.) Once you pass this test, you test twice a day and wear white underwear and sleep on white sheets (on a bed you do NOT share with your husband) to insure that if you do spot, you see it. At which point, you test to make sure that you've stopped spotting and start the count to seven over again. It's amazingly frustrating when this happens, and more so if it happens on the the sixth day, which happened to me *once*. And, yeah, this, too, can lead to some early diagnoses.

Orthodox married women are *very* familiar with their bodies.

Prints on white backgrounds are problematic because the size of the spot is also important, and if half fell on the background and half fell on the print, you have to ask questions. Which usually involves showing the rabbi the underwear.

Side note - in my neighborhood, it's possible to buy bedikah cloths in the pharmacies. Which is very convenient, since otherwise you buy them at the mikveh or in a Jewish bookstore, and there are a lot more drugstores.

Which usually involves showing the rabbi the underwear.

Oh, that sounds like tons of fun. NOT.

That's what husbands are for. You put the underwear in a baggie and let him talk to the nice older man.

One clarification - the white undies are law; the white bedsheets are according to one's custom. Not everyone uses white sheets. Depends on either a) what rabbi you follow, or b) family custom.

Also, on the frustrating spectrum is buying a package of colored undies to find that the crotch lining of the undies is... WHITE!! What's the point of colored undies if they're white on the inside?

Yeah. I know.

why are patterns a problem? If they're pattern ona white background, black pantyliners are your friend :)

That's a solution. I haven't seen them, but I haven't looked - I don't like pantyliners. They. Move.

They don't sell black ones in the US anymore (afaik). I have a stash different people have purchased for me in Israel.

Wow, I have never heard of black panty liners. That is so GOTH!

It's times like this that I'm really grateful for my hysterectomy.

They used to sell them to wear with black panties or something. I don't know. I've been using a device called "The Keeper" for years now. Every couple of years, I buy a new bag of maxipads for the *one* night I need one (and I've been seriously thinking about getting a washable Lunapad instead) and that's it.