Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Bragging (and why my underwear drawers are racially segregated)

So, as I said last week, I purchased new undergarments in a smaller size.

I was fairly sure they'd fit, but not, you know. Definite about it.

They do. And I'd been wearing too-large ones so long I forgot what that felt like. I just happily tossed a bunch of superannuated ones that needed tossage, too.

I only have one problem. I bought these online, and the colors offered were either White or Assorted. For various reasons, I need both - white ones to wear during the week pre-mikvah and colored ones the rest of the time.

There's nothing like packing for a four day trip that happens just at changeover (when the period ends and the "white" days begin) - except I *never* know when changeover is until it happens. So I have to pack both colored and white underwear. I've also gone to mikveh during cons - ah, the joys of going to an entirely unknown neighborhood miles from your hotel on a Saturday night - and possily paying your cab driver to wait for an hour, too -, so I need both types there, too. However, given that I have a week's warning, I don't need to pack double.

To keep them straight, I put the colored ones in one drawer (along with my nostepinne) and the whites in another (along with the bras and stockings). Thus, I have Jim Crow underwear drawers. Drawer drawers?

Anyway, the Assorted I got were - well. Pink and purple, whicih are fine, and prints, which are problematic (and not really my taste), and white. I also bought white, not realizing that the Assorted would contain white. Not that having a couple extra pair would hurt, but it's annoying.

On the other hand, they're size 7! And they fit!
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