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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I bought the non-perishables today. That would be cleaning and lining supplies (foil liners for the oven and the burners, plastic for the fridge, contact paper for the shelves and extra-heavy aluminum foil for everything else), matzo products (meal, farfel, five pounds of regular machine, two boxes of regular whole wheat machine and one box of whole wheat 18 minute. Which is far too much, given no seders, but we will have guests, I hope, the last two days. That should help. Becasue we're not having seders, I'm not getting handmade this year.) A selection of herbs and spices. Balsamic vinegar and safflower oil. Tomato products. Canned fish. Mayonaise and ketchup. I forgot salt and sugar, but I might have them anyway from last year. If not, I have time to buy them.

I'll need to get another bag of coffee and the proper sized filters.

Everything else, I'll get fresh.


I was going to go away for part of Pesach (now I'm not, I don't think) so I didn't buy much. I was also going to just leave the kitchen chometz but eat Pesach food, since there are all these other important religious observances I don't do anyway. But that's looking less likely also. I just wish I were doing it because I wanted to, not out of residual guilt and as an excuse not to go away.

Er, yeah, that sounded bad. I'm proud of you, if you'll excuse me for putting it that way, for being prepared. I used to clean out a cabinet and shop early and make a big deal. But I also used to have my own sedarim. Going to other people made me uncomfortable. (Not for the food, they were always way more kosher than me, but I had no control over speeding things up or slowing them down, or needing to get up and have a little break.)

Have a happy and kosher Pesach.

I love making my own sedarim. I love the planning and the cooking and having the people of my choice over, and we always have such good ones - we're thorough, interesting and yet manage to end at midnight.

We're going to the inlaws this year.

Well, family is nice too. When I stayed with my in-laws we'd have seder there and that was fun. It was just when I'd walk to someone in the neighborhood that it... just wasn't worth it sometimes.

two boxes of regular whole wheat machine and one box of whole wheat 18 minute
All kosher for Passover matza has to be less than 18 minutes, yes? So what is special about the last box?

These are supposedly made only in the first 18 minutes of machine production per day.

good for you for getting this step done. I picked up most of my non-perishables yesterday, got home and realized I had not cleaned the cabinet that my passover stuff goes into.

I haven't yet. It's all sitting in the bags in our book room.

My house was under construction (ended today) so if I left the bags out who knew what the workers might crush or do. I've found their trash from lunches in some of the weirdest places. I realy don't mind that for the most part during the year but their burger king bags in the new pesach stuff would have really depressed me.

On good news, the construction ended today. And the cleaners to make sense of all the dust and dirt are here now. I don't think my house has ever been ready for pesach this early.

Do the salt and sugar stay acceptable for pesach through the year even when the kitchen is re-chumetzed? (Genuinely curious.)

This would be the salt and sugar I put away with the rest of the Pesadich stuff. Any that I had out during the year would be chometz.