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I turned 39 today. Again. Meaning I turned 39 just a couple of weeks ago. This is the English birthday. I spent it sitting at a tiny desk in my office while they put up the cool new computer system. I'm going to have to learn XP. I do like the new flat screen a lot, and I can't wait to sit down and pay with it. We also have a ginormous new printer. This will be the printer for the whole office, but I don't care because it's mostly *mine*.


I will not d/l anything to the new system, so I'm probably not going to be chatting during the day, as I've said. Turns out I'll live. Anyway, it was moving things. and breaking down boxes and trying to work at a different and much smaller desk while my things from my desk were on yet a third - fortunately, two of our rental/sales agents always take Tuesdays off. Made life a *huge* amount easier for all of us.

I will have to get used to using a two button mouse again. No scrollwheel. I'll manage. I'll always manage.

The confusion made everyone irritable, especially my boss, who once again didn't seem to realize I don't read minds. I mean, if I page someone before lunch and they call after I get back, how am I supposed to know that they'd already answered their page and that this call was on its own? And is it my fault if they insist on speaking to her? And how am I supposed to know to hold her calls unless she tells me? I'm sorry, I was doing my job. My job description doesn't include telepathy. And I know things were chaotic and it looked like they delivered the wrong printer but that's no reason to scream at me for doing my job.

Anyway. Rant over. At five, I went home, but not to stay. Because there was a synagogue bored (sic) meeting tonight. And I had to vote. And. Um. Last night, I'd typed out the minutes for the last bored meeting, and tucked them into my new birthday book, a biography of food writer Elizabeth David. And took the wrong book with me to work, so I couldn't make photocopies there (boss is on the board herself. It would not have been a problem - especially since she knows I don't use office resources for personal use. Or I hope she knows that.)

Normally, on board meeting days, I take the F train to a Jewish neighborhood about 15 minutes away from Park Slope, have a nice relaxed dinner and take the F train back. Or I hang out in Barnes and Noble in Park Slope. But I had to get the minutes, and I had to vote. Not that voting was all that meaningful, given that I expect my gubernatorial candidate, running against a strong and popular incumbant, will lose. Both of which meant I had to go home. A forty minute trip if things are on my side. That still left me time to have dinner, though. So I had a pastrami sub, which was nice.

And then I got back on the bus and went back to Park Slope. And got to the meeting fifteen minutes late, but five minutes before we began. And the meeting was...was. Um. Long. Unproductive. There was talk about turning the synagogue into an art gallery one night a month. There was talk about upcoming events, and repairing the synagogue. There was. Talk.

One more of these meetings and I am *gone*. Thank goodness.

And now I'm home. And Jonathan isn't because he has a Talmud class tonight and I didn't want him to miss it. Tomorrrow night we'll go out to dinner, to a restaurant called Shallots - one that requires reservations. And I'll get dressed up. And it will be a date.

But right now, it doesn't feel like my birthday and I'm just tired.

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