Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Doctor results

Three month check-up.
I didn't lose any more weight. I'm thinknig seriously of joing Curves. My bp is 130/90. Not good, not bad. They took blood for lipids and A1C. I'll get the results next week.

I also made a number of appointments. In April, I'm getting an EKG. I'm also seeing an orthopedist about my thumb, which is painful and stiff, especially in the mornings. In May, I'm having a consultation about a colonoscopy - the doctor brought it up but I was going to.

My dad had colon cancer when he was about 48. I'm 43. It's time. (Dad lived 19 more years, and died for reasons entirely unrelated to colon cancer, but he did get polyps removed every year afterwards.)

And I promised to make a gyn and opthamologist appointment and see about a mammogram. My grandmother had breast cancer in her sixties.

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