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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Baby slash fan?

The president of our synagogue is a friend of ours, and is also a Star Trek fan. He told my husband this story yesterday in shul.

He was watching a tape of classic Trek with his 3.5 year old daughter. As characters came on the screen, he asked her who they were. "Who's that?" "Captain Kirk." "Who's the blue guy?" "Mr. Spock." You know, that sort of thing.

This being a classic Trek, and Kirk being Kirk, the inevitable happened during the episode.

"Daddy, why is he (Kirk) kissing her?"

"Because he loves her."

"But I thought he was in love with blue guy!"


Our friend says he immediately thought of me. And, "Maybe it's something that women can innately perceive." However, as far as I know, he didn't ask his wife about that.


LOL!!!! Oh, my! I hope he has no problem with his daugther growing up to be a slash writer! Because that is were she is headed. LOL! Yeah, I guess we just know.

Thank you for sharing this, Mama Deb.

Well, we will see.

I don't think he'd mind, but her mother has no imagination and would not understand. Sweet girl, and not stupid, but not a fan type.

I never got the Kirk/Spock thing. It's so obviously Spock/McCoy; they're the ones who bicker like the proverbial old marrie couple.

Oh, yes. Star Trek V never happened, of course, but if it had, it would have been all about Spock and McCoy acting just like that. I think some reviewer called them a pair of aging queens.

Oh, dear, oh dearie me...

You know - I figure *I* was born this way, so why not her?

Some were born with slash goggles, some acquire it and some are blindsided by them.

I still don't have any, I suspect. I like to write slash, though not as much as het (or femmeslash) but usually it isn't because I see it, just because I feel like writing it and I think I can make it work. And often it involves odd pairings, not the ones everybody sees, but that's the same with anything I write.

And I can still watch Star Trek without seeing Kirk/Spock all over the place. (Maybe a little, and some Spock/McCoy, yeah, but I still ship Spock/Chapel het, don't kill me.)

Occasionally I do see it, such as with Jet and Spike in Cowboy Bebop. But even the yaoi fans start backing away slowly when I say that, and I'm not sure why. Maybe I'm just weird.

Slash goggles are not, and should not be, universal equipment.

*giggle* Perceptive little kid. :)

You can never start them too young.

Nurture her, MommaDeb, nurture her.

We will see.

I'm already doing my best with another young fan (although I don't see her as as a slash fan, she's definitely a fan.)

I always saw Kirk/Spock/McCoy myself with a side of Solo/Chekov. :)



Yep. they are. Must have had a Star Wars moment previously. :)