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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Is anyone getting LJ notifications?

ETA: I changed my notification email to a different address - one that forwards to Verizon. It seems to be working.

ETA II: I came home to find my missing notifications. I changed back to Verizon.


Mine are looking delayed atm. *sigh*

I got one earlier this morning.

I haven't noticed any problems.

I've gotten three this morning. They might or might not have been delayed.

LJ isn't playing well with verizon at the moment. I spoke with Verizon yesterday and they swear everything is okay on their end. I opened a support request with lj (as have about a dozen other people) but so far LJ has been extremely unhelpful. *sigh*

Verizon? Okay,I can fix that.





Yup, it seems like verizon users stopped receiving notifications Wednesday.

but so far LJ has been extremely unhelpful

*snicker* What, you mean "it's not us, talk to them" isn't very useful when it comes from both possible sides of a problem? ;)

(for the record, though, I'm fairly sure this /is/ a Verizon thing, not an LJ thing; and apparently LJ adminny people talked to Verizon, who say they'll be whitelisting LJ within the next few days. Theoretically, at least.)

I just hate being caught in the middle. Things are back to normal now so I'm happy.

I've received some today. I have problems from time to time, most of which I think are with my mail handlers, but some LJ has admitted to.

Mine have been messed up for over a week now. I keep forgetting to lodge a complaint. In the last 10 minutes I've started getting a ton of notifications for stuff pretty old.

I got home to find about 80 or 90 backlogged posts in my inbox so I think whatever the glitch was is fixed.