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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

So, I dropped in my neighborhood curves today.

It was a medium sell, and I had a chance to try the equipment. I think I could get a good workout.

But. For less money I can join the local "Kosher Gym" (two gyms, sex-segregated, separated by a four lane avenue.) And it has a similar set-up to Curves as well as an entire gym and classes.

So, I'll talk to them about a family membership after Pesach.


Isn't curves just for women? I thought they were.

Yes, it is.

But I can maybe get a family membership at the duo kosher gyms and therefore get my husband to also work out.

Ah, makes sense.

Two things to consider when deciding:

The founder of Curves uses his money to support anti-choice causes.

Several people I know who used Curves said they very quickly reached the maximum amount of benefit they could get out of the system. The prevailing opinion was "after a while going there, I didn't even sweat anymore". Considering you are already in vaguely good shape from walking and your martial arts, I suspect you might not get much benefit from it.

I was about to post exactly the same point about the founder of Curves, but with the following link instead: http://www.womensenews.org/article.cfm/dyn/aid/1844

I was worried about that, but I figured any Curves in Park Slope would find ways around that thing. They directed people here, so I was right about that.

I knew about the antichoice thing, which was a problem. But I also knew that local Curves are taking matters into their own hands, and given the location of this one, I was pretty sure they'd be one of them. And, indeed, they had a sign for Curvers for Choice on their bulletin board.

The other factor, however, *is* something I've thought about. I was good on all the machines except the ones focusing on the arms, and I think real weights would be better for that. And as I am mildly hypertensive, I'd think a Lifecycle would be more in line for my needs than bouncing on a little square.