Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Wolf and Lamb

I was sick on our English anniversary (and it was Shabbat), so we decided to postpone the dinner out until last night. Which wasn't our Hebrew anniversary, but is in a good week to eat out.

Since we hadn't tried it yet,we went to a kosher steakhouse called "Wolf and Lamb" - it's been around for a while and we asked people we knew, and they said good things about it.

First thing was that we didn't set an exact time to be there because they don't take reservations for two people. Since I had to get my comic books and come from Brooklyn and all, we couldn't be sure when I'd get there. I got there at 6:30, and called Jonathan as soon as I could when I left the subway. And sat down in the restaurant to finish reading the comics.

(BTW - I also read them on the subway coming there, and at one point, I was sitting between an older very frum couple (he was on the bench parallel to the wall, she and I were on the bench perpendicular to it, with me closer to the wall) and the next comic to come to hand was the current Green Lantern, which features an extremely scantily clad Star Sapphire on the cover. I looked at the couple. I looked at the cover. I replaced it with the Batman.)

Jonathan arrived 40 minutes later...*sigh* I'd actually ordered a glass of wine (a very oaky Merlot that went fine with the food but was less good alone) to pay rent on the table.

But once he was there, it was good. We shared a large salad. Jonathan ordered the whiskey steak and I got something called the Wolf and Lamb steak because the guy (not really a waiter - he seemed higher status) said that was the only one he could recommend serving well done. I cannot eat less than well-done meat. I know it's supposed to taste better, but I can't get past the texture. Rare meat makes me gag. And when I cook well-done meat, it's fine - it's neither dry nor flavorless. It's all in how you do it. I do recognize that steak places, who are married to the "rare is best" school, may not know how to cook well-done meat properly. I can also cook meat medium because that's how Jonathan likes it.

So, I got the recommended steak (already cut into slices) with a side of mashed potatoes. And the food arrived, and the meat was *so* not well-done. I could tell before I ever picked up the knife, and it was clear when I cut open the first piece. It was maybe medium, if that - red all the way through. I sent it back, of course. Jonathan's was also not as well cooked as he'd have liked, but it's a finer gradation from medium rare to medium, and he didn't want to take the risk.

What I got back was still sort of pink, but that was acceptable and the meat felt right. Also, they'd clearly put it on the grill to cook more, and that made it even better. I ate about half. Jonathan finished my potatoes and we took the rest (the steak and half the veggies) home. We finished with espresso and a cab ride home.

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