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Random notes:

Was fun. Met a bunch of cool people, many of whom I know here. The Smallville panels were fun, and full of my favorite type of talk, namely meta. Much discussion of Lionel and fathers and so on at the Friday night "gen" panel, which was populated largely by slash fen bearing drinks.
I spent Saturday attending mostly writing panels, which, to my relief, did not require any writing. Most of the advice given at these panels was pretty good, whether it was grammatical, a discussion of the writer/editor relationship or the writing "workshop" - which I'd had to leave before any actual writing was done,so it's entirely possible that there was some and I'd missed. I didn't agree with all of it, as I believe epithets are *evil* and should be avoided when possible, and at least one person suggested that they be used. And there's no need for a lot of description unless it's necessary for the plot. (and that could mean, "Jim always liked his men big and muscular, much like himself, so his instant and overwhelming attraction to Sandburg was even more confusing than those annoying senses.") But, by and large, I enjoyed that.

I took part in a large fannish dinner thingy, meaning thirteen of us plus a dog went to the hotel restaurant. My dinner? Diet coke and a cup of coffee. This was not so strange - one person next to me had ice cream and wine, and another a milk shake and mozzarella fingers. Also, I'd eaten already.

The Smallville party consisted of watching several episodes of Smallville, with laughter, commentary, deep discussion *and* rewinding to see the good parts over and over again.

I got to watch Firefly on Friday. It is something...I'm not sure about. I don't think it's worth taping.

I really, really missed filking, and I spent very little time in the con suite. This is odd behavior for me.

Slash vids are a lot of fun and I need to get me some. Also - Elton John's "Original Sin" would be great for Fraser/Vecchio.

Comics canon is often something best forgotten.

Zines are...problematical. It's something like buying a pig in a poke, and I have an expensive collection to prove it - four zines that exemplify all I hate about fanfic writing, although the basic ideas are good, a zine written by a friend that I only bought because she's a lovely person. I do not have high hopes for it, given her previous work. And I'm a coward, so I'll never tell her that. And there were best of authors I don't like, and zines on themes that didn't interest me.

I spent far too much money for things I don't think I can enjoy. :(

And that's okay. I met people. I talked, a lot and probably too loudly. And too much. I got relatively little sleep. I met some people who liked my stories. I missed my husband. I saw people I don't see often enough, which is the best reason I have for going to conventions.

I had fun.

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