Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


To be precise, I've watched the first four eps on the DVD, last week's first run and this week's rerun. (Thank you, rayphile.

1. Oh, my. They are very pretty.
2. Great sound track. My style of music. Given that Dean was barely born at the time - I suspect he didn't spend much time with anyone but Dad.
3. Did I mention pretty?
4. I'm not a fan of the horror thing, especially given that, for whatever reason, I never got scared, or really scared. So, either it was gross or boring.
5.They are interestingly close for brothers, but I'm not sure I'm seeing more yet. Doesn't make me, you know, averse to reading the fic, now that I know who they are.
6. Pretty.
7. Are the TWoP recappers watching a vaguely similar program? Because, otherwise, I don't know.
8. Seriously adorable, too. Both of them, but especially Dean.

So, we will continue to see what we will see.

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