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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Chometz free!

Except for the stuff we're selling, which will no longer be ours by 11AM or so tomorrow, we are now chometz free. I put out ten pieces of bread (on torn napkins so they won't, you know, *touch* anything) all around the house, excluding the kitchen and the bathroom, while Jonathan hid in the kitchen (he also did the dishes while he was there.)

I turned off the lights in the rest of the house, he said the bracha and then, him armed with a flashlight and me armed with a plastic bag, we went room by room. He was looking for my pieces of bread, of course, but he was also looking for stuff we might have missed. It all went into the bag. He declared all the chometz remained to be dust, and we took out the trash and the recycling, which in effect said it was no longer ours. People do burn chometz around here, but we just make sure it's no longer our property. Fire bad.

Tomorrow morning, I head off to my in-laws to help cook and to spend the seders. We should be home on Wednesday night. I'll be offline until then, since my inlaw's web connection isn't working, so I won't be able to go on even on Monday afternoon.

I wish all who are celebrating a sweet and kosher Pesach, and for all who are not - you get our share of the pizza.


I'll take your share of the pizza and wish you a spiritually fulfilling and rewarding passover.

Thank you.

(Honestly, it's more often just exhausting.)

You rule. I am flattened with exhaustion just from the *cooking* -- my great victory of the day was that I remembered to put the shank bone in the oven with the lamb loaf (I forget at least half the time).

Ah, but I'm going to my in-laws' for the seders, so I only had to cook some spinach kugels.

(And I had help with the kashering of the house, which makes a tremendous difference.)

If I were having the seders, I'd be cooking now - soup, certainly, and fish, and probably the chicken stew I'd serve for the second night. I'd spend tomorrow cooking the turkey and stuffing (we tend to use turkey necks for z'roa.)

We follow the Ashkenazi custom of not serving lamb for the first two nights.

we tend to use turkey necks for z'roa

Makes sense. The shankbone I got this year looks very like a shofar, amusingly enough, and a turkey neck would be very close.

I admit it, I like Sephardic food better than Ashkenazic food. I though I once posted our traditional seder menu, but can't seem to find it. I shall try to put something up on Tues or Weds, with recipes -- for family reference if nothing else.

The problem with Sphardi food for me is that it's so dependent on spices I can't use during Pesach.

*looks up from making cinnamon rolls*


have a good Pesach, mamadeb!

Enjoy them for me!

Thank you!

Chag kasher v'sameach!

The same by you.

Have a joyous holiday!

Thank you.