Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb


I so, so, *SO* wish I was home. My mother-in-law will be doing laundry tomorrow (we don't even want to do laundry during chol hamoed, and will only so we have enough good clothes for Shabbat and Yom Tov), and she thinks we're being ridiculously strict about lights, and she'll handle money and she'll light her candles tomorrow using a new flame. It turns out this is rabbinic, so she'll never worry about it, and I can relax a bit more. Good. But it's still a source of tension.

If I were home, I'd be running around cooking and shopping and being immensely busy, but I will not be knowingly violating or benefiting from violations of yom tov. Honoring one's parents comes *secondary* to following halacha. That's also Torah.

But they will NOT come to us and we have no place to put them even if they would come, and Jonathan wants to come here so long as it's only two days, as opposed to when it abuts Shabbat and therefore is three days. I'd hate to spend Shabbat here, too. We'll be home, Gd willing, next year.

And I like my seders. They're fun - good company, good discussion and nice and relaxed. (Mom *is* a very good cook, so food is not an issue.)

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