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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Minor Whine

I set my vcr and, I thought, my cable box to tape House and Tuesday's Idol. But somehow, the cable box got unprogrammed. I taped two hours of dead air.

(I read the recap for the Idol Results show, and I'm thoroughly spoiled *and* disgusted, so I'm not really caring about Idol anymore, but missing House is rather annoying.)


Maybe the cable box was turned off? I found that is the usual problem when I try to tape something with Time Warner. If you forget and turn off the cable box, all one gets on tape is static.

I checked the programming, and it's all gone - and this was supposed to be weekly programming, so it shouldn't be.

I have Cablevision. They have plenty of their own problems, but this isn't one of them.

It must have rebooted while we were away, because the volume is too quiet again.

By some co-incidence, we came out of Yom Tov to discover our DVR had erased every program on it, as well as the scheduling for programs. It seems to crash every time it tries to tape something, so it may well be at the end of its life cycle. We'll try calling Dish Network and see what our extended care plan can do for us after the chag.

My sympathies, that is frustrating.

I've had that sort of thing happen occasionally - either I screw up Teri's plan to tape, or something just goes wrong. What I end up doing is torrenting the missed shows and burning them to a video CD for Teri; it's surprising how easy it is to do.