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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Final Holiday prep

Two more holidays to go. Tonight (1 guest)
Gefilte fish w/horseradis on bed of greens
Roast turkey breast (bone-in)
Matzo farfel stuffing/kugel/casserole (baked under the turkey breast)
Fruit and cake
Wine and matzo

Everything is cooked or cooking except for the asparagus, which I will cook tonight.

Tomorrow lunch:
Chicken breast fillet
Baked sweet potato

Wine and matzo

Tomorrow dinner:
leftovers - spinach/potato/ground beef pie from Shabbat, any turkey, asparagus, sweet potato, farfel kugel, fish chowder leftover from Saturday night.

Tuesday lunch - dairy
Cheese omelets
French fries

Tuesday dinner (post yomtov and possibly post changeover) - gefilte fish, leftover meat, any veggies I can find.

We changed the plastic tablecloth on the table and I just need to shower and set the lights and such.

I hope those who observe have lovely yom tovs and that all who celebrated today had a good holiday.