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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Ah well

Got my report from my doctor.

Not only did I not lose weight in the last quarter, my A1C is 6.3, which is up from 5.9.

And Pesach is NOT helping. Time to start recording food and that gym thing is looking more and more necessary.


BOTHER! Sympathy. I'm not losing either, & my dr.'s appt is in 2 weeks.

Best of luck to you!

thank you.

uh huh....... that journaling thing is downright NEEDED for many of us.. and i am including myself.
its easy to not realize what you are eating, and no pesach wouldnt be helping....

and gyms are a good thing f you can get going. i favor headphones and the elliptical myself. (note to self, gotta get back in the gym, pants getting tight again)

I used to do martial arts. I used to do two-three hours of martial arts a week, but not only was it expensive (and that third hour right in the middle of my Sunday, and I need my Sundays) but they moved the class I was taking to a bad time for me.

I miss it, though.

We have a pair of connected gyms right around the corner from us. And, yeah, an MP3 player with filk music (or possibly a lecture series) would be the way to go.

And I suspect that they're about to offer post-Passover deals, as they do every year.