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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Since I'm up early

Stuff from Pesach:

1. I'm trying to continue the habit of washing up directly after meals. Meaning Jonathan washes and I dry and put away. As a result, I have a clean and shiny sink, too. Huh.

2. This mean we can use real cereal bowls (once I buy cereal and milk and soy milk, I mean. Have to restock post Pesach.) We've been using plastic ones. Our dairy set has bowls, but they're clearly mean for soup - too large for cereal the way we eat it. Our Pesach dairy set (now put away like everything else from Pesach - YAY!) is Corelle and has perfect sized and shaped bowls (which will never hold cereal.) I'm already looking at replacements.com, and I've found a number of similar ones.

3. It's odd to see the counters and stove without aluminum foil on them, or the table without a cover.

4. I still have boxes of year-round stuff to put away (or maybe discard), but I have a functional kitchen again.

I hope everyone who celebrated any sort of holiday in the past week or so had an enjoyable or spiritual or renewing one. We did.


I also decided regarding dishes the new rule is when you're done using it, you wash it.

It has made our lives easier. Also, it means ten minutes of togetherness as he washes and I dry. And - he tends not to notice things like cutting boards or items in odd positions, so I can make sure they're washed.