Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Orthopedist visit

After a long cab ride which made me an hour late (and where I left my PDA - I'm still calling about that), I saw my orthopedist.

And here we see the risks in self-diagnosis. It's not trigger finger after all. It's simply tendonitis. That means rest (as much as one can rest the thumb on one's dominant hand - but no knitting or spinning or thumb typing), soaking in hot water, and 600 ml of Motrin three times a day for a week. No more than a week. I have a prescription and everything. And I'm not to wear my carpal tunnel brace because it hits me right in the wrong spot.

He expects it will be better by the time I see him again in two weeks.

Given the choices, I'll take tendonitis.
Tags: medicine

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