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Buffy Spoilers

I'm shaking. I'm completely shaking. This Big Bad makes all the others, the Glorys and the Spikes and the Masters and the Legion of Dim - all of them - like nothing. Because it feeds on the *good* things. On love and trust and belief. It takes these things and uses them for its own ends - using Willow's love and grief in an attempt to get her to kill herself, so that the most powerful witch around will not use her abilities; using Andrew's love and need for Warren to betray Jonathan's trust and need to be a hero. Breaking Dawn's trust in her sister, her sister who died for her, using her love for her mother to do that. And then there's Spike and I don't know where he fits.

I was never scared before. I never doubted they'd win before.

I'm scared and doubting now.

I think.

I think this is a good thing.

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