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Mama Deb
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12:35 pm :: In memory of thamiris (may her memory be blessed)...

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Mama Deb [userpic]
In memory of thamiris (may her memory be blessed)...

miriam_heddy has a suggestion.

In memory of those we've lost, find a fan whoisn't your bestest friend, who isn't in your closest clique, who youmay never have seen in person, but who still means something importantto you. Tell that person today, or this week (and don't stop tellingthem) what they bring to your life, and to the life of this community.


On that note, I was meaning to ask when you first posted who thamiris was, provided it would not violate anyone's wishes or privacy for you to tell me.

I also wanted to extend condolences for the loss of a friend.

thamiris was a very talented fanwriter - mostly slash. But she was also kind and intelligent, which made her non-fiction writing - both meta (writing about the tv series or characters or about fandom itself) and personal also a joy to read.

I never met her in person - I'm not sure how many people did, given that we didn't know she'd died until several days later because she kept both sides of her life strictly separate - but the times we've commented to each other - we communicated. I'm far from alone in that. Was she a friend? I don't know, but when she disappeared for several months, I noticed. We all did.

She died of breast cancer at the age of 41 last week. We knew she was dying because she told us this, but, well. You understand. This is a tremendous loss to everyone.

That is a great idea. I'm sorry for your loss.

Yeah. It's been...I'm mourning for someone I've never seen in person. It's...not good.

thank you.