Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

The latest in workout wear

I just signed up at the local gym - a couples membership.

I took a tour of the women's gym - *nice* locker room with steam room and private shower stalls and a wig station, big room crowded with ellipticals, step machines, treadmills and bikes, and a big room for classes.

The women were of all ages and sizes, which was cool. The only dress code is sneakers, though. Jonathan told me that many of the men wear street clothes. Apparently, so do the women. I saw women in skirts and sheitels working out. I also saw one in a skirt and camisole on a step machine.

Whatever. I have stretch pants and t-shirts. If I keep this up, I'll reward myself with yoga pants.

I also took the classes option, so I'll be taking, I think, kickboxing and yoga. This way I'll get some martial arts and flexibility training.

And I'll also push Jonathan to go.
Tags: gym, health
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