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Rating Star Wars Movies

One of the many coffeehouses in Park Slope has this cute thing - they name their coffee sizes - writing the names on sample cups on shelf on the wall above the coffee maker.

I don't mean tall-vente-grande. I mean Moe-Larry-Curly. No one uses the names - they order the coffee as small-medium-large, as is proper. Besides, the names change at least once a week.

Today? In order of size, large to small - "The Empire Strikes Back", "Star Wars: A New Hope" (bleh. It's Star Wars. Star Wars I.) and "Return of the Jedi."

Clearly, the order is wrong. Completely wrong. And I said so. Poor, deluded counterperson, who really thought Empire was the best of the lot. *shakes head*.

(And, yeah. I know people will disagree with me. They're free to do so, but they would be wrong. Leia in a bikini. Dancing teddy bears. I ask you.)

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