Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
Mama Deb

Tonight's Television - spoilers

American Idol
Country night.
Phil - For the first time, he sounded consistent from beginning to end. Country is his genre.
Jordin - She's luminous. And then she sang and it was as beautiful as she is. She felt the song.
LaKisha - She wasn't feeling the song. I think Randy was right - she should have made it more gospel. Given the content of the song, it would have worked. Also. Carrie Underwood is *so* beneath her.
Sanjaya - flat, dull - horrible. Worse than before. Much worse than last week. And that hair behind the scarf. He needs to be gone.
Chris - He never sang out. That's the thing that got me. It just didn't feel like he was singing. I don't know. If Sanjaya doesn't go, it should be him.
Melinda - Oh, my goodness. She found a country song that was clearly a country song, but with enough...jazziness that she could get into it and since it wasn't terribly familiar, she could make it her own. She should never try to dance, but when she sings and struts, it's wonderful.
Blake - Pretty song sung well, but it didn't feel country to me. Which is fine because he is so not a country singer, and at least it was Blake.

Best of the night? Melinda with Jordin close behind. Worst? Sanjaya.

I liked this episode a lot. I like the whole Cameron/Chase thing. Okay, part of it is the sheer adorableness of a real on-set romance, but part of it is that it's cool seeing the Ducklings with a plot entirely independent of House and carrying it off. I also liked the echoes of it with the, for lack of a better term, grown-ups. House was so jealous of Wilson taking Cuddy to a play - and it was kept so carefully ambiguous as to whom House was jealous of and for. It works equally well if it's Cuddy or if it's Wilson, and then to see it all backfire with Wilson wanting to be with Cuddy - hee.

(And, okay, fine. I do believe in House and Wilson, I do. But allow me my religious sensibilities - it's *so* rare to see a romance on television where both characters are Jewish that I want to enjoy it. Not that it has a chance of lasting - not with those two and not with House around - but it would be fun. Also, I like the idea of Wilson being a, um, baby daddy. Hey - it's a useful term, you know. )

Oh, and the plot? All I can say is that as soon as they found the bloody t-shirt, I thought, "She's menstruating." I mean - she has arthritis and heart disease and she just had a stroke. Puberty wouldn't be that strange. But that had to be terrifying.

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