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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
HP Drabble - Burnt Toast

mctabby's having her annual Cat Birthday Drabblethon.

Burnt Toast
Prompt (from medawyn: A moment of peace in the midst of war; any character
100 Words

He'd poured hot water over twice used bags to make the tea, and there was no milk or sugar to be had, and the spell he used to make the toast had been too strong, so it was burnt, and there was only margarine anyway.

Later, the others would wake up and there would be plans and shouting and then they'd go out to fight or defend, and he'd shout curses and hexes at people he used to call friend - and sometimes that wasn't even a lie, while his own side watched him.

For now, Draco ate his breakfast..


Oh very nice!

Thank you!

Very nice!

He could probably be a decent enough person, if he had more backbone/courage/what-have-you to stand up to the pressures from his father, et al. But it may be too late for him.

Draco is as damaged as Harry or Dudley in his own way.

And he'll never be good enough for his father.

Very good. I think Draco is having a hard time knowing what's right now.

Given the standards with which he was raised, can you blame him?

Thank you.