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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

Today was apointment #1 for the week - a consultation for a colonoscopy.

My father was 47 when he had colon cancer. He had it removed and then had a year of chemo and after that he had a yearly colonoscopy, where they'd remove a polyp or two every so often - and a couple of times would nick him and he'd have to spend a couple days in the hospital.

I'm 43, so it's time for my first one. I'm not looking forward to it - and I'm looking forward even less to the clear liquid day preceding it.

It's in three weeks. I don't expect them to find anything.


The colonoscopy itself is kind of cool -- I was out of it completely for the first part, then really doped up but watching the pictures on the screen, which were very "Fantastic Voyage"-y.

The prep: loathsome.

Good luck with that.

Oh, yeah. My first, I slept through it. The next time, I woke up halfway through and, completely stoned, watched the biopsy onscreen.

In all seriousness, colonoscopies are not nearly the fearsome things that they used to be. The prep is nasty and gross (see if you can get the little bottles of purgative and drink lots of juice instead of getting the gallon of ick), the process itself is nothing, and the recovery is a little uncomfortable but nothing major.

May they find nothing.

Oh, my goodness! I've been reading your stories *all day* today at work? I'm serious. I can see why you love your original characters so much - they have dimension. It helped me through a whole lot of boredom.

And, from your lips to God's ears.

*laughs* And here I was worried about your reaction to a drive-by discussion of colonoscopies... (Which, you know, still a little on the TMI, but, hey, LJ.)

Many thanks. The boys help me through a lot of boredom at work, too. :)

I brought the subject up, so it would be weird to be bothered by it.

And it gave me a chance to go all fangirly. :)

Oh, and I just friended you.

Oh, cool. That should be neat.

And, you know. I can choose my flavor. :)

The worst parts of the colonoscopy for me was having to drink this disgustingly flavored stuff and then the nurse had problems getting the IV line into me and it took 3 people numerous tries.

IV. Wow.

Good thing I wear long sleeves, then - IVs give me spectacular bruises.