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lanning_cook almost made me late for work

And I'm so happy that she did. I'd just spent the better part of a week reading less than optimal fic, with strained dialogue and characterizations and all the little nitpicky things that drive me nuts about poor writing. They also had hackneyed and/or annoying plots. But I'm in a semi-honeymoon with SG-1, and so. *Sigh*.

And then someone recommended Lanning's Sports Night story "Being an Anchor." And. My goodness. Prose that flowed, descriptions that described without going overboard, recognizable characters and dialogue. Okay, the plot is an angstfest and it's not a new theme - but she did it well. I hurt when I was supposed to hurt, and felt joy when that was appropriate. It would have been good even if I hadn't had the sucky stuff before it - I know because I'd read the story before and liked it - but after the past week, all I could think was, "Yes. Good writing does exist in the world. I need to find more of that."

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