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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Doctor's visit (plus other stuff)

Because I didn't think to check, I neglected to bring a jacket to work yesterday. It's s'fira, but I needed something. There's an Old Navy in the downscale mall near my doctor's new address, so I went there and bought a pink hoodie, slightly tight in XL. I'm buying large these days but, as I suspected, ON runs small. It's a good weight and it's a pink I can wear, but it's purposely distressed, with holes in the ribbing and such. Not my style. While on line, I saw an adorable print tote bag so I bought that, too, figuring it would be good for the gym.

Hand results
It hurts. It still hurts. It didn't help that I overused my thumb yesterday. So. I got a cortisone injection and if it doesn't clear up in a couple more weeks, I'll get imaged. Currently, I'm trying to use the spacebar with my left thumb.

I hate this. I picked up a book on knitting essays and tried to read it and it hurt. First, just the thought hurts, but also - I *miss* it. And the writer? Has terrible taste in yarn. That hurt, too. :)

Finally got out the door on a Thursday morning. And - finally got jonbaker to go with me. This is sort of odd given that our gyms are across a fairly busy street from each other, but so it was. And we were unbearably cute - we deliberately kept pace with each other after he crossed Coney Island Ave, smiling and waving at each other as we did. I did the bike, of course. I can't seem to manage either the elliptical or the treadmill, but I'm okay on the reclining bike. I'm not doing weights until the hand thing clears up, so I went home.

I'm going to be amazed forever. Sheitel heads in the locker. Young women wearing shorts and tanktops and scarves, older women in skirts and hats. A young girl, chatting with a friend riding a bike after her own workout, puts on a skirt and jacket and teichel, and there's a modest married woman (desite rules and signs to the contrary, a lot of women don't bother with the locker room. They just take off their outerwear in the gym and stash it on one of the window sills, keeping their purses with them. I follow rules, thank you. My outerwear - which was, in fact, the pink hoodie as well as a skirt - was in the locker with the cute new bag.)


If you don't mind my asking, what are "s'fira" and "a teichel", please?

I looked up "s'fira" and found articles about mourning, which were interesting but didn't seem to make sense of this context; and "teichel" just gave me pages in German.

S'fira is sort of mourning. It's what zsero calls "Jewish Lent" - a period of time in which we are in a sort of low-grade mourning - no live music (some avoid music in general), no hair cuts, no new clothes (except I needed this), many men don't shave, and no weddings. This is because, in this same time period (the 49 days between Passover and Shavuot, which we are required to count - s'fira means "counting"), an epidemic raged among a major yeshiva around 200CE. We are in mourning for that. It let up on the thirty-third day, which is also the anniversary of the death of the Zohar, a major rabbi of the time. So, on that day people have hair cuts (like every boy who turned three in those thirty-three days), and weddings and bonfires. Some hold that the mourning ceases then, others that it continues on the thirty-fourth day. There are other customs - people who wait until the first new moon after Pesach, for example. We follow the first custom - mourning ceases on day 33.

Tiechel - head covering. Usually a scarf, but anything other than a wig or a hat that a woman might use to cover her hair. For working out, I really like these pretied scarves.

Thanks very much; I appreciate the explanations.

I'm sorry, but the pink hoodie is *not* your color. It barely works on Emma Watson. You're just not a pastelly person.

And it's almost impossible for anything short of Dot Warner to be "unbearably cute".