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Reality and Non-Reality TV

Sometimes I wonder if I'm watching the same show as other people. For example - I thought Jordin was amazing. When my husband heard her sing (for the first time ever - he's not an Idol fan), he had tears in his eyes. She was that good. So why are people saying otherwise?

And it was all moot because Wednesday was a telethon and meaningless in terms of the show. Not in terms of what they were trying to do, perhaps, but not for the show.

Yeah, that was good. The medical plot was a heartbreaker and the Cuddy/Wilson/House plot was nicely ambiguous. So nicely ambiguous that I'm seriously wondering if House (the character) isn't sure who he wants, either. And I like that a lot.

And the Foreman plot? Oh, my goodness. Not just his parents, and dealing with the mother with Alzheimer's, or the fact that he did get out (and he's never going to feel he belongs. I'm a different sort of immigrant to a different sort of culture, but I sometimes feel like an imposter where I am, too) or that he lost the patient - all of that was wonderful, but not it. What was it was House saying "We." He treated Foreman not as an underling or a student, the way he treats Cameron and Chase, but as an equal, as a member of the same club of elite medical detectives. And House, being House, is not going to say that just to make Foreman feel better.


Shear Genius
Yeah, I'm watching this, although it's all curiously abstract for me. It's not that I don't have hair - I do. It's somewhere between my bra strap and my waist, in fact. Because that's its natural limit, I think. It has to be - I haven't had it cut in fifteen years, and it's way overdo for even a self-trim. And while I dyed it in high school and had it permed at the end of college, I haven't had it chemically treated since then. I don't remember what it feels like to sit in a salon chair.

Which meant I screamed last night when they started cutting long hair short. Now, I'm assuming the hair models knew what was going to happen (if not the means - various cutting tools meant for things other than hair), but I hate the attitude that long hair must be cut and natural color must be altered. And I also hope that after the show, all of them had their ends trimmed (and in some cases, their hair redone) with proper scissors.

And then my husband, who has a pony tail about as long as my hair, said that he might be cutting it off. One of his longterm friends at work got a new job, and now he's thinking maybe he should move on, too, and if he does, the pony tail will have to go. I told him that it was his hair and whatever he decided would be fine - I'd miss the long hair, but you know. Fine. But I was not going to cut my own in solidarity. "Good," he said.

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