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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

I did NOT guess that Nathan was Sylar. In fact, I was thinking that it seems to be current meme that even decent people who become president may end up being wrong and possibly evil - I'm thinking about Landry in SG-1 this past week.

But, no. In this case, the evil president started out that way.

Future!Hiro is still adorable - he has the same smile, even if it's smaller. And I love that losing Ando was losing upbeat, happy Hiro. Although I notice that Hiro at the end is more serious, as he has to be. He has to kill someone, after all.

Future!Peter was gorgeous, of course, and very, very Matrix-like. My only question is this - how did he get a scar? He *heals*. Also, if Sylar couldn't eat Peter, how could he eat Claire? And - how does Peter live with what he did? Or maybe he just doesn't have a choice.

Also - Matt reads minds. So does Peter, having copied Matt. Do we need to postulate that Sylar ate someone who can block telepathy invisibly? Which is possible.

Big wedding ring; no sign of Heidi. Petrelli Mansion still intact, but no sign of Mama.

Mr. Bennet was not wearing horn-rims.

We got some answers, we got more questions and things will change big time. I love all of this.

Brilliant all the way around.


My only question is this - how did he get a scar?

Yeah I wondered that too. My only idea is that he somehow got it during the NY catastrophe and chose not to fully heal as some kind of remembrance/penance maybe.

Maybe - if shrapnel of some kind scraped across his face, fortuitously missing his eyes. And if he can control his healing like that.

Well, recall - the NY catastrophe was caused by him exploding.

I just figured he couldn't quite put himself back together again. Or, as you suggest, chose not to.

You know, for some reason I don't think of that out of control nuclear power as suicidal, like he had an explosive device in his gut, but imagine that he'd just emit a huge amount of energy passing through him, like glow for a bit, whatever, but be unharmed by the initial power burst itself, and just injured by the secondary effects from the destruction caused to the surroundings.

Also, if Sylar couldn't eat Peter, how could he eat Claire?

Because Claire doesn't have Peter's "swiss army knife power", just healing.

The thing about Sylar v. Peter is when they get in range, Peter's now got all of Sylar's powers, too. And Peter may also be packing a whole host of powers that he got just by meeting others. (Like healing, invisiblity, flight, foresight.)

Remember, in the first confrontation, as Sylar was holding Peter with TK and using it to cut his skull open, Peter used that same TK to throw him across the room, then healed and turned invisible.

Does he need to be in range? Or has he copied all the powers that Sylar has eaten to date? Given that he's used TK when not near Sylar, I'm guessing that he can use them whenever, as he can any power he copies.

I'm trying to remember - did Peter do anything at the time that Sylar was cutting open his head? He'd seemed to be pretty much in shock at the time.

Or maybe he has control over his healing, which Claire does not. She just lets it happen. We've seen that before - Peter had more control over Isaac's power than Isaac did, too.


Actually, I think Sylar chose not to completely kill Peter at that point, he was testing the guy's abilities.

He seemed rather upset that Peter healed, and he did kill him right after, so I'm going to believe he was foiled.

Also - Sylar likes to kill, but having Peter's ability is so much less...messy, you know? And then you have the power *and* can use the original person, too.