Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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I did NOT guess that Nathan was Sylar. In fact, I was thinking that it seems to be current meme that even decent people who become president may end up being wrong and possibly evil - I'm thinking about Landry in SG-1 this past week.

But, no. In this case, the evil president started out that way.

Future!Hiro is still adorable - he has the same smile, even if it's smaller. And I love that losing Ando was losing upbeat, happy Hiro. Although I notice that Hiro at the end is more serious, as he has to be. He has to kill someone, after all.

Future!Peter was gorgeous, of course, and very, very Matrix-like. My only question is this - how did he get a scar? He *heals*. Also, if Sylar couldn't eat Peter, how could he eat Claire? And - how does Peter live with what he did? Or maybe he just doesn't have a choice.

Also - Matt reads minds. So does Peter, having copied Matt. Do we need to postulate that Sylar ate someone who can block telepathy invisibly? Which is possible.

Big wedding ring; no sign of Heidi. Petrelli Mansion still intact, but no sign of Mama.

Mr. Bennet was not wearing horn-rims.

We got some answers, we got more questions and things will change big time. I love all of this.

Brilliant all the way around.

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