Mama Deb (mamadeb) wrote,
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Comcis and Idol

Comics Spoilers
52 made me cry. I cried when Booster got to say good-bye to Ted, I cried when Skeets made his sacrifice, and when Booster showed himself to be a true hero after all.

A big part of this series were Luthor's Insta-Heroes. One quick treatment and you have powers and a name and a costume. Sort of a biochemical verison of dialing "H", you know? But they were in it to be famous and rich (like, oh, certain janitor from the 25th Century) and when things got bad, they quit.

Booster may have started out that way, but when it came time for it - he didn't quit. At all. Ted would be proud of him.
Heck, Martian Manhunter would be proud of him.

And then - Ralph and Sue together again forever. *sniff*, but in a happy way.

Supernatural made me cry in the end. I'm not sure I'm getting this comic again. I like the concept, and it works well enough as a comic, but horror comics are just not my thing.

And then, to make up for it - there came Midnighter, which starts out with a kiss as sweet and romantic and passionate - I mean, they're holding hands as well as smooching, and it's lovely - as I could ever hope to see. And then the comic goes backwards! (Yeah, I immediately read it in the other direction, just reminding myself that even if the pages went right to left, the panels didn't.)

It was so nice to see Midnighter totally nonambivalent about his marriage. :)


No real surprises - the final four deserved to be there, and the two guys voted out, well. They did good and they have careers now, and it was their time. And I totally loved that Phil's sing out was "Blaze of Glory" because it was perfect, and I loved that he hugged his wife and his navy buddies and the judges. He just looked like, "Yay! I made it this far! Wow!", and it was good.

As for Blake. Okay. Um. I'm not into RPS. It's not my thing at all. And for all their bantering, I do think that Ryan and Simon are playing a game with us.

But Blake and Chris? I just get this "boyfriend" aura, and I have for weeks. It truly looked like they wanted to hold hands up there, that Blake nearly kissed him goodbye - that if one of them had been female, "Idol Romance!" headlines would have been everywhere. But we'll never know officially because, officially, Idols are never gay.

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