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We (jonbaker and I) watched the two episodes last night. Spoilers.

The Shroud

I'd been spoiled but even if I hadn't been, I knew the prior would be Daniel, if only for the way he was preaching to the that village. And Jonathan guessed pretty much right away, too.

The "plan" was convoluted at best (and given that the team wasn't even trying to rescue Daniel, would have failed if Adria had not made him go preach. Which makes me wonder...) and uncertain at the end, and, well. A mess.

But the scenes with Daniel and Jack? Yeah, that's why I love the show. They just feed off each other in a way that the current cast doesn't, and it made the rest of the show worth it. (And better believe that Daniel dies again, it's over Jack's dead body.)

SGA: The Tao of Rodney

I've been waiting to see this episode since January, and, oh, it was worth the wait. Funny and sweet and the characterizations and David Hewlett is terrific and Zelenka is utterly adorable. And the theme of this year seems to be superheroes, and yeah, John and Rodney are both comic geeks (someone said that John's Marvel and Rodney's DC, and that works so well.)

But the meditation scenes - John as the worst meditation teacher ever, and Rodney as the worst student. I'm pretty bad at meditation myself and a big part is that I can't turn my brain off. (Also - saying "in, out, in out" works better than any other technique for me.) Besides, I don't see Rodney as a visualizer. Some of us react better to more tactile imagery. Feeling the breath going in and out, with coolness coming in and heat leaving - that works so much better.)

But the *candles* - yeah, our macho Air Force officer has dozens of candles just, you know, lying around. Or, if they're, say, Teyla's that John has borrowed - why would he ever think of them?

And then that line about "In the way friends do." My husband, who I admit is well-trained, said, "But not in that way!" before collapsing in laughter. Like so many other people have said, it took the scene into the realm of slash, where it *wasn't* before. I mean, the rest of the episode (hugs and sweet protective John and...) was already there, but not that scene.

It was just - all perfectly in character except for candles and that could so easily be read as John's inner gay man coming through and...yes.

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