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Mama Deb
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December 2010
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Mama Deb [userpic]

On the one hand, yeah, I should be pretty happy that there actually is a Chanukah special. Moreover, the Rugrats Chanukah special is very cute and well done, and a pleasure to watch, even for an adult without children.

On the other hand. Of the three times it's being broadcast, only one is actually during Chanukah. Chanukah ends on December 7. The second broadcast will be at 2PM, December 14. A *Saturday*. The third will be Dec. 16. I really don't understand why. The wouldn't show a Christmas special during the first week of January. They wouldn't show a Christmas special on December 26. Chanukah is *eight days long*. Surely, they could have found two other timeslots during that time, given that it *is* the only Chanukah special around.

I seem to be gearing up for my yearly snit early. *Sigh*.

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Part of it, I bet, is that they want to expose non-Jewish kids to the episode.

Here's the thing. There are a lot of good intentions out there. And sometimes they work, and sometimes they don't. And. This is one thing this time of year that belongs to the Jewish kids, but when it's shown at the wrong time, it gives a message that it's not really very important, not like the big holiday out there that everyone else celebrates.

And, well. Technically speaking, it *isn't* all that important. It's the Jewish equivalent of a civil holiday. However, it's the one holiday people who aren't Jewish know about, thanks to its proximity to Christmas, which makes it all a rather mixed blessing.

In a perfect world - in a perfect world, we'd have cute kids/animals/robots celebrating the September/October Jewish holidays in specials that show how the different branches have their own customs/laws.

But that's not going to happen. Wouldn't sell any toys or tie-ins.

Well, that's appropriate. Isn't Chanukah a little early this year? *innocent grin*

I hate that you go through this anger every year, dear. I hate that the world causes it. But I love watching the ferocity come out in you. It's lively, and fascinating, watching you rant.

Movie news

I'm not sure this will make you feel any better. It's certainly a highly secular piece of Judaica. But Adam Sandler has a new movie coming out, during Hanaukah. Called "8 Crazy Nights". And it's animated.

So it's finally time for an embarrasing hanaukah animated feature, instead of a christmas one. Equal oppertunity for everyone.

Personally, I thought of you. Went to go see Harry Potter. They were doing the winter/Christmas celebration, and all I could think was "What do the Jewish Wizard Kids think about this".

I was also trying to figure out how hard it would be to convert my local vegetarian indian resturant to kosher status.

Oh, and the movie, has new versions of the Hanaukah song. Always a good thing

Re: Movie news

I'm very much looking forward to the Adam Sandler movie. We're planning to see it T'giving weekend.

However, you know...if you go by the ads, you might not even know it was a Chanukah movie. Even the URL is in red and green. I'm really not sure why.

Re: Movie news

Well, at least the town he's in has a giant ice menorah next to the christmas tree. Sandler at least manages to um, destroy both.

And for a cheery thought, the Rugrats has a very good passover special. And in some ways that's a lot more important.

Of course, from my gentile perspective, I noticed the fact Hanaukah started in late November, and decided to do my giving on Dec 1. So I have a paycheck to buy presents. I need to get things for several people, and it sort of snuck up on me.

But then so has the rest of the season, the month of november itself.