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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]
Unfriendly coffee cups

Note: I'll drink coffee (in disposable cups) anywhere.

A coffeeshop (think "diner") next to my office just reopened after renovation. Said renovation entailed buying all new dishware - square and rounded triangle shapes, very modern and pretty. But their new coffee cups - well, it's just as well that I'll only use paper.

The rims are uneven, but that's more of a style thing. The real problem is their handles. Instead of the normal loop sticking straigt out of the side (points to icon), they're a solid right triangle (curvy outer edge, but close enough) that narrows towards the base of the cup. This is a problem all by itself - the solid but somewhat narrow handle is very hard to grasp (I played with one), and with my current thumb problems (why won't this darn tendonitis go away? It's been weeks! Cortisone shot didn't work, either), impossible.

But that's not the worst of it. See, that handle does not just stick straight out. Instead, it angles. To be precise, when the handle points to the right of the drinker, it angles away, making it marginally easier to lift.

When it points to the left of the drinker, it angles towards him or her. Which makes it even harder to lift.

In other words, the cup is handed.

So, no matter how pretty, that is one of the most unfriendly coffee cups I've ever seen. It's a good thing I only use paper.


Guh, that just sounds painful to handle. I dont' like coffee mugs where I can't get at least two, preferably three, fingers inside the handle. I've got these beautiful mugs that I don't ever use because the handles are just big enough for one finger and that's not comfortable in the least.

Exactly - either a usable handle or none at all. An unusable one is...not good.

In other words, the cup is handed.

That's just evil.

That's what I thought.

BTW, as someone for whom cortisone never works (my tendonitis and RSI's are from a genetic defect), a wrist brace with thumb spica is the best treatment for tendonitis.

I think that's next on the agenda.

sound like the coffee cups this little cafe near my office has (mind you, near is 10 minutes walk away). they have a pretty cool theme, with framed human rights posters and all their tablewares are cute and pretty unique, and I really appreciate that, because my office in the midst of an industrial district, but the cups...