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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

This was one of those days when things just...work out.

I'd made this appointment a few weeks ago, but didn't sync my late, lamented pda to my desktop, and so forgot it. And then last week, my dermatologist needed me to change the appointment that week to another one, so I chose this one.

And. Yesterday, my dermatologist's office called and he has a funeral today so we'd have to reschedule. (June 7, btw. 1:15) My cleaning lady called this morning to say she'd be in tomorrow instead. So, the day was pretty much free.

And at about 1:15, when I was getting ready to go to the gym, I got a phone call. "Why am I not there? Can I be there at 2PM?" So, dressed for the gym, I print out a story and directions to the office and I get there right on time.

EKGs are...well,this guy was kinda rough. And, of course, true to my...well, I take off everything above the waist and put on a gown open in the front, as directed, but I leave my scarf on. Reminded me of when I was doing the IVF thing and getting sonograms. I'd be wearing nothing but a paper sheet from the waist down, but take off my hat? Never. :)

On the way home, I picked up the icky drink for Sunday, so I'm all set for that. And I took the day off Monday.


hi i read your journal often off of estherchaya's fl so i'm not a total stranger.

but I have to smile. your mentioning that you don't uncover your hair for a medical exam makes me feel better. as i was having similar thoughts over visiting the gyno and being in a gown and my tichel. glad i'm not the only crazy frummy in the world.

Did you type "echocardiogram"?

Our Maine coon cat, Rosita, has to have one of those a week from tomorrrow so the vet doesn't have worries that she'll die from the anaesthesia she has to have while having dental work done...and that she can survive flying to Kenya with the Songbird. Hugs to you and thoughts of courage as you prepare to down that icky drink. (Had a barium cocktail myself some years back; my heart and my taste buds go out to you.)

I also keep my headcover on unless they must have it removed. I also feel funny when I"m doing it.

Ditto the covered-head while wearing a paper gown or sheet and feeling funny about it.