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Mama Deb
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Mama Deb [userpic]

1. Clear liquid diet
2. Prospect of icky drink later on in the day
3. Housefilk that I can't attend because of (1) and (2).
4. Argument with husband about "what snacks do you want me to get for you for after colonoscopy" because

a. Don't have any idea
b. Don't want to think about food
c. haven't had coffee yet

We worked out the snack thing - those of you who've been through this, will diluted V8 and wheat crackers work? I don't do fruit juices, and we're somewhat worried that the snacks provided by the doctor won't be kosher. (Husband initially suggested *soy milk* and the idea turned my stomach. Soy milk is stuff to put on cereal, not a beverage, in my mind. I think he thought he might like cow's milk in such a situation.)

Coffee situation is remedied - fortunately, I'm permitted black coffee. And also fortunately, that's how I prefer my coffee.

Re: I'm TRYING not to be graphic here.

Yeah, I hate fasting - even this easy fasting thing with liquids.

I avoided anything with color (and, as it happens, jello. Maybe I should have gotten some Kojel.) I had lemon-lime popsicles and chicken broth.

The only problem with the anesthesia was my fragile veins. My skin is very transparent, so it looks like finding one is easy, but it's now. She had to do it twice. I have a spectacular bruise now on the first site. Good thing I wear long sleeves. It doesn't hurt but it looks terrible.